Free As Above

Thank you to all that came to the April 29th, 2023 workshop! It was a great time! See you all soon at the next one!


How to Foundationally use Bitcoin…the RIGHT way.

1.) Learn how to download the best Bitcoin desktop wallet.

2.) Learn how to send and receive Bitcoin.

3.) Finally, learn how to buy and sell Bitcoin with no ID.


Saturday, April 29th, 2023


Promptly starts at 11 am and will end at 3 pm.


UnUrban Coffee House (

3301 Pico Blvd.

Santa Monica, 90405

1.) In the private, you agree to confidentiality and non-disclosure as this Workshop is NOT for the public. Therefore, you agree to take 100% responsibility for your own actions. You also agree to follow Natural Law at all times. Thus, do not take any action that initiates harm to another feeling, living being. Harm is defined as stealing and stealing is defined in these ways: taking away another’s emotional/bodily integrity or life without consent (assault, battery, murder), taking away another’s sexual choice without consent (rape), taking away another’s personal property without consent (theft), taking away another’s peaceful domicile without consent (trespass), taking away another’s facts for a full informed decision or using violence (lying, coercion), and

2.) You are NOT connected with any organization or group that breaks Natural Law, and

3.) You have a laptop you can bring to the workshop with a working power cord, and

4.) You have all the latest updates and virus cleared from your computer (if using windows), and

5.) You know how to download an application, and

6.) You must bring $50 cash ONLY for a private donation, and

7.) You must bring a notebook and pen, and

8.) If you wish to receive Bitcoin, you must bring an additional $150 cash ($200 total), to be converted into Bitcoin. You must let the instructor know one week ahead if you wish to receive Bitcoin and that you will be bringing the extra cash. A six percent conversion charge (6% over spot price – as this is the average premium to get Bitcoin with no ID) will be applied to convert the cash to Bitcoin, and

If you cannot follow all 8 of these requirements, then you will have to be turned away at the door.

Please contact Dustin at if you wish to attend and reply that you are in full agreement to all the requirements stated above for this workshop.

The workshop leaders will also agree to not break Natural Law as they take 100% responsibility for their own actions and they will deliver on the 3 learning objectives and the requirements.