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Welcome To Free As Above!

Free As Above is focused on educating our Species in the esoteric science of Natural Law and Objective Morality for us to come into a deeper understanding on how to create Freedom for ourselves as a Collective Family.

This Wisdom eliminates suffering caused by our present day covert and sometimes overt slavery from so called “authority.”

May we all use our Proper Thinking, Care, and Will to move ourselves out of slavery and into Freedom, Peace, and Love.

Latest News!

June 30th 2024

Music and Sky 2024 was a great success!

Click the picture below to watch my full presentation entitled “Natural Law Parenting.”

It is also live on my social media channels Odysee and Flare.

May 30th 2024

I will be speaking at Music and Sky 2024!

My Presentation will be entitled “Natural Law Parenting”

You can find more information at Music and Sky’s website.

May 22nd 2024

I wrote a very short write up on Natural Law to my NOSTR page with a link to Passo’s Natural Law Documentary.

April 18th 2024

Part 2 of “Are You A Criminal?” is OUT! Go to the Videos section to watch it!

May We Move Ourselves into Freedom!

April 13th 2024

I am putting together the final touches to my second presentation of “Are You A Criminal?”  

I will release it shortly. Stay Tuned!

February 6th 2024

Finished up my 14 hr “Practical Anarchy” Live Lecture Series here in Santa Monica, CA!

I am planning on giving the Lecture Series again soon. I am deciding if I am going to do it online or in person. I will let everyone know soon.